Banks Specialist Covers design and exclusively manufacture the Weld Gun covers that are used around the world by all the major car companies. Depro Ltd has been our agent for the last 10 years, but has unexpectedly ceased trading.

We have therefore decided to handle all sales of Weld Gun covers ourselves inhouse. David Banks managing director of Banks Specialist Covers designed the cover 20 years ago and still leads the design team that customises all the Weld Gun covers that are made today.

During the next month we will be contacting all current Depro customers. If you have urgent requirements or have not received product that has been promised to you by Depro Ltd please email us with the details.

We are obviously sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused by Depro Ltd ceasing trading which was outside of our control but we will endeavour to satisfy your requirements quickly.

Weld Gun Covers

A unique Weld Gun Cover (also known as a Spatter cover) that is simple and quick to install and remove. They are hardwearing, highly resistant to chafe, preventing the ingress of weld spatter into the mechanical parts of the gun.

Big reduction in gun maintenance

Big reduction in gun spares

Reduces production down time

Custom designed and built for every make of gun.

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