Technical Specifications

Weld Gun Covers

The covers have been designed for easy use by the maintenance engineers, with a quick and easy installation and removal for maintenance.

The front of the cover is made in either a hard wearing leather or Kevlar that fits closely around the electrodes and is highly resistant to chaffing and body panel abrasion. The body of the cover wraps tightly around the gun including all the pipes and other components so it cannot catch during the welding operation. The covers are custom made to fit each gun.

Weld Gun Covers

More information

  • High impact, resilient leather or Kevlar front end.
  • Unique, specially developed 'G-Stretch' flame retardent rear.
  • 93% Fine-fibre/5% Kevlar fibre/2% P140 Antistatic componant.
  • Carbonises only above 380° C.
  • Outstanding heat and flame resistance.
  • Self-extinguishing, does not melt or drip.
  • Dissapates static electricity.
  • Excellent heat transfer properties of knitted material.
  • Good textile properties including elasticity, lightness and durability.
  • Properties originate from within the molecular structure and is not treated.
  • Flame retardant webbing and buckles.
  • No silicone.

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